Paper Memories

Jabuti Theatre presents

Paper Memories

A new project currently in development; exploring the themes of memory and loss through the story of a displaced child. This will be a show for children, aged 7+

As part of a European Funded, international residency at Teatro Paraiso, in Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque Country, Spain, Jabuti Theatre undertook the first stage of development for Paper Memories.

Paper Memories is a performance for children aged 7+ which will use puppetry, dance, circus and aerial to tell a foreign and yet such a close and familiar story of a displaced child. Using memories, evoked by smells, tastes, touch, sounds and movement, the performers will piece together the child’s story and take the audience on a journey full of sadness, joy and hope.

In February 2017 Rachael Macintyre, of Jabuti Theatre, lead a two-week residency at Teatro Paraiso, working with past collaborators Robbie Thomson (In Her Shadows) and Jusztina Hermann (Moonbeam on a Cat’s Ear). With support from Teatro Paraiso, the team explored how to combine interactive technology with physical performance and began the development of a narrative, focusing on difference and integration. In addition, we ran three workshops with children on the themes of memory and their own experiences. The children made memory boxes and we explored senses and also looked at the element of interactive technology within the performance. At the end of the residency we performed a work-in-progress showing of the work we made and also ran two family workshops which linked to the themes within the show and had the intention of connecting the parents/carers with their children as part of the workshop process.

These two weeks were an incredibly exciting initial development for the project and opened the lid to lots and lots of ideas. Jabuti Theatre is now currently planning a second stage of development, using the work done in Teatro Paraiso and putting a strong focus on the strength of the narrative and representation of the themes within the show.


Jabuti Theatre is currently organising a tour around Scotland in autumn 2018.