Moonbeam on a Cat’s Ear

Jabuti Theatre presents

Moonbeam on a Cat’s Ear

Adapted from the book by Marie-Louise Gay and produced by Vision Mechanics

“A visual adventure with puppetry, movement and music for children ages 3+”

“knock, knock knock

who’s there?

It’s Toby Toby with the bright red hair”

“It is an ingenious gem aimed at wee ones but a joy for anyone whose inner child still lurks near the surface.” FIVE STARS – Irene Brown, Edinburgh Guide

“The show’s use of music is so compelling…and the visual images of the voyage so gorgeous, that the story becomes steadily more entrancing as it goes on…” Joyce Mcmillan, The Scotsman

“…a warm and cosily expressive show…rich in non-verbal communication.” David Pollock, The List

Preview in The National

Preview by Thom Dibdin of

In the middle of the night Rosie, Toby Toby, the cat and the mouse sneak out to play in the shadow of the apple tree. When Toby Toby steals the moon from the sky they go on an adventure across the stars and the sea. But, is it all just a dream?

Based on the book by author and illustrator Marie-Louise Gay, written in French (Voyage au Clair de Lune) and English, Moonbeam on a Cat’s Ear is a visual journey into an exciting world of dreams and imagination. Jabuti Theatre’s adaptation captures the beauty and detail of Marie-Louise’s illustrations using puppetry, physical theatre and magical light boxes and brings it all to life with a mesmerising original musical soundscape and score. Using only the text from the book (original in English and French, can also be offered in Scottish Gaelic, Spanish and Italian with further translations possible), this is a simple, yet visually compelling story about two children and their adventure with the moon.

Some feedback from our audience members:

Family entertainment. It was absolutely brilliant. Big smile on my face from start to finish.”

Magical storytelling transporting you beyond the ordinary! Beautifully thought provoking and full of wonder!”

Lovely! All 5 children aged 1-8 were entertained”

 Tour Schedule 2020

January – England


In spring 2016 and 2017 Moonbeam on a Cat’s Ear toured across Scotland as part of the Puppet Animation Festival.

Photos of the PAF 2016 tour by Andy Catlin

moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-5402-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-5389-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-5325-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-5320-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-5291-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-5289-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-3906-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-3850-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-3814-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-3797-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-3787-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-3780-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-3779-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-3767-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-3729-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-3709-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-3687-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com moonbeam-on-a-cats-ear-jabuti-theatre-wed-6-april-2016-3663-photographer-andy-catlin-www-andycatlin-com





















Production shots by daniel lacasta fitzsmmons photography


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