In Her Shadows

Jabuti Theatre and A Blank Canvas present

In Her Shadows

“A dance-mindscape featuring aerial and physical theatre, supported by stunning visual projections and haunting music”

Two female performers tell the story of a young woman called Amy. After being overseas for years, she returns home to Scotland to find a new place to settle. With the unexpected rejection from her mum Amy is tested, pushed and thrown into her own mental turmoil.

‘In Her Shadows’ is a visual performance that explores a young woman’s relationship with the complexity of her depression whilst challenging the stigmas that surround it.

‘In Her Shadows’ is a new collaboration between A Blank Canvas and Jabuti Theatre, with award winning director Cora Bissett. In autumn 2015 In Her Shadows was prominently featured in the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival and Aberdeen Dance Live and toured at various venues across Scotland.

Performances at the Traverse, Dundee Rep and Platform offered post-show discussions and we also ran community aerial workshops at Platform and the Beacon Arts Centre in Greenock.

Watch the video of our research and development in January 2014 with Director Ben Harrison.


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