Chalk Lines

Chalk Lines is a new collaboration between Rachael Macintyre (Jabuti Theatre) and Ellie Dubois (No Show, Ringside)

Draw a line with chalk. Smudge it, change it, wipe it away. 

Chalk Lines is an early-stage development circus theatre piece, exploring the subject of consent. Ellie and Rachael, along with three highly skilled circus performers, will look at the emotional and physical journey of consent as a performance piece for children; using tension and humour to explore the themes of respect, empathy and trust. In a period of research and development we will examine these ideas through discussions, play, and physical explorations, using acrobatics, floor movement, dance, cyr wheel and chalk. Lots of chalk.

In February 2019 Ellie and Rachael will undergo a week of development at Edinkillie Community Hall, Dunphail, Forres. We will work with performers Adam Wright, Marie Williamson, and Lisa Chudalla.

Producer – Nicola Lawton

Funded by Creative Scotland