Chalk Lines

Chalk Lines is a new collaboration between Rachael Macintyre (Jabuti Theatre) and Ellie Dubois (No Show, Ringside)

Draw a line with chalk. Smudge it, change it, wipe it away. 

Chalk Lines is an early-stage development circus theatre piece for children age 5 – 8 years, exploring the subject of consent.

In February 2019 Ellie and Rachael underwent a week of development at Edinkillie Community Hall, Dunphail, Forres. We worked with three highly skilled circus/dance performers, looking at the emotional and physical journey of consent as a performance piece for children. Through discussions, images, dance, play, and lots of circus, we explored physical and emotional sensitivity as a basis of empathy, trust, and consent in how we form relationships with ourselves and other people. We explored these ideas using movement, acrobatics, cyr wheel, objects, and chalk.

Co-Directors – Ellie Dubois and Rachael Macintyre

Performers – Adam Wright, Lisa Chudalla, Marie Williamson

Producer – Nicola Lawton

Funded by Creative Scotland

Photos of research and development by Ruari Lambert